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Artistic Research in Applied Arts

Konferenz vom 23.- 25. Mai 2013
Ein Kooperationsprojekt der Hochschule der Künste im Sozialen Ottersberg
in Kooperation mit European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education (ECArTE) und dem International Institut for Subjective Experience and Research (ISER) / MSH Medical School Hamburg

Die Diskussion um Künstlerische Forschung bewegt sich zwischen dem Versuch der Systematisierung und Methodisierung der Forschungspraxis und der Subjektivität und Ergebnisoffenheit, die künstlerischen Prozessen immanent ist. Die Adaption von Methoden und Konzepten aus dem Bereich der Artistic Research für therapeutische und pädagogische Zielsetzungen berührt daher sowohl erkenntnistheoretische als auch forschungspraktische Fragen.
Ziel der Tagung ist es, die gegenwärtig eher parallel laufenden Diskurse um Artistic Research in genuin künstlerischen Kontexten und um Art based Research in künstlerisch angewandten Kontexten in einen Diskurs zu überführen, welcher die Möglichkeiten kunstbasierter Forschung in angewandten therapeutischen und in den angrenzenden pädagogischen Praxisprojektfeldern auslotet.

Impressionen von der Konferenz:

Gabriele Schmid (left) introduced in the conference and
Peter Sinapius (right)  talked about "What did not exist, happened"

Margaret Hills de Zarate (UK) about "Marking Time"
(left) and Alice Lagaay about "Performance Philosophy" (right)

Han Kurstjens (NL) (left) about "Psych-Aestetica"
and Jonathan Isserov (UK) (right) about "Art Therapy in the AIR"

Neele Ruckdeschel and Laura v. Raffay: Performance about art as research
(left) and before "Brain to Apple Eating" (right)

"Brain to Apple Eating" with Michael Dörner
and his Cooking-Team

The Audience

"Theater der Versammlung" with Jörg Holkenbrink

Idea and Concept

Peter Sinapius, Gabriele Schmid, Jörg Holkenbrink and Alice Lagaay

The conference was itself conceived as a place of research.
The question they seek to investigate is how interruption affects the process and content of the conference as it unfolds.

Theater der Versammlung:
Actions:  Carolin Bebek, Marlou Hundertmark, Simon Makhali, Tom Schröpfer, Manfred Palm, Philipp Piechura
Concept and directing: Jörg Holkenbrink
The conference will be staged as a field of experimentation and investigation by the performers of the “Theater der Versammlung” and their director Jörg Holkenbrink.


Neele Ruckdeschel and Laura v. Raffay, GER
Retrospective on the Festival of Art as Research FAR 2012
The Festival of Art as Research was organised by three students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Ottersberg. For one week 30 artists from 15 different countries came together to explore the phenomenon of „translation“ in individual and collective art projects. Neele Ruckdeschel and Laura v. Raffay ask: what is left after one year?
A performance lecture.

Dr. Margaret Hills de Zárate, UK
Marking Time: The Madeleine, the Memento and the accidental Monument
Margaret Hills de Zárate draws on art psychotherapy work undertaken with displaced and refugee populations. This presentation offers an exploration of the role of the symbolic or transitional object in relation to loss, memory and Diaspora.

Han Kurstjens MA, NL
Psycho-Logica or Psych-Aesthetica?
Thoughts about arts based research from out Phenomenological and Morphological concepts Han Kurtjen’s approach will be from phenomenological and morphological concepts  on arts. The paper will discuss the basic position on arts in art therapy and the consequences on art therapy research.

Jonathan Isserow, UK
Art Therapy in the AIR
Jonathan Isserow explores in his presentation the relationship between the image and the word through the creation of digital object in art psychotherapy by using  AIR (Audio- Image Recordings). He discusses the different aspects of using AIR in the Therapeutic relationship.

Dr. Alice Lagaay, GER
„What is Performance Philosophy? (Or how not to ask the question…)”
A presentation of, and reflection on, the central characteristics of the newly emerging interdisciplinary field of Performance Philosophy.

Curricula VITAE

Jonathan Isserow, University of Roehampton, UK
Jonathan is a state registered art therapist who has worked extensively within child, adolescent and family psychiatry. He has an MA in Psychoanalytic Observational Studies from the Tavistock Clinic and is currently a PhD candidate at UCL. He is the Programme Convenor for the MA Art Psychotherapy training at University of Roehampton, London

Dr. Alice Lagaay, University of Bremen, Germany
Dr. Alice Lagaay is a researcher and lecturer at the Philosophy Department of University Bremen. The main focus of her research to date has been the philosophy of voice, silence, notions of »negative performance« (not-doing, passivity) and the relation between performance and philosophy. She is a founding convenor of the international online network Performance Philosophy ( and co-editor of the new “Performance Philosophy” book series to be launched later this year by Palgrave Macmillan.

Eha Rüütel, Talinn University, Estonia
PhD (Psychology), MSc (Psychology), MPH (Master of Public Health), associate professor of clinical health psychology, psychotherapist, creative arts therapist, supervisor. Head of the Department of Creative Arts Therapies and the Creative Arts Therapies Programme at Tallinn University, vice-chair of the Estonian Society of Creative Arts Therapies, representative of Tallinn University in ECArTE. Therapeutic practice includes solution-focused art therapy, vibroacoustic therapy, and creative supervision. Research interests are therapeutic application of arts, relationship between creativity, creative activities and health, personality and socio-cultural aspects of health.

Neele Ruckdeschel, HKS Ottersberg
B.A. in Theatre Education. Initiator of the Festival of Art as Research 2012,
Freelancing artist in the fields of Artistic Research, Performance, Dance-Theatre,
International Theatre- Dance and Circus-Projects, Performing Arts in Society.

Laura von Raffay, HKS Ottersberg
B.A. in Theatre Education. Initiator of the Festival of „Art as Research 2012“;
Performing Arts in Society; International Artistic Research and Cultural Intervention.

Dr. Margaret Hills de Zárate, Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, UK
Margaret Hills de Zárate is Senior Lecturer & Programme Leader Art Therapy, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK. She studied Drawing and Painting at Grey’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen and received a Post Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy from Goldsmith’s College, the University of London. M. Ed. (Distinction), The University of Edinburgh. 2006 Ph.D. Title of Thesis: The Relationship Between Art and Psychotherapy in Post Revolutionary Cuba, Institute for International Health and Development, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. Studied group therapy and theory at Scottish Institute of Human Relations. Also trained in psychodynamic counselling and human relations. Works internationally.

Dr. Gabriele Schmid, HKS Ottersberg
Gabriele Schmid is Professor for Aesthetic Education at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Ottersberg since 2007. She studied Fine Arts, Art Education and Art History at the University of the Arts Berlin. She was Assistant Professor for media pedagogic and cultural journalism at the University of the Arts, Berlin. Dissertation about Illusionary Rooms in 1999. She was Professor for Art Education at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg from 2004-2007.

Peter Sinapius, PhD., MSH Hamburg
Peter Sinapius is professor at MSH Medical School Hamburg (Germany) and runs the programme "Expressive Arts in Social Transformation”. He has studied painting in Kassel and San Francisco, Art Therapy at the University of Cologne, advanced Graduate Studies in Expressive Arts: Therapy, Education and Consulting at European Graduate School (EGS). Dissertation: "Aesthetics of Therapeutic Relationships”. He is member of the Institute for Subjective Experience and Research (ISER) and has published numerous books on theory and practice of Art Therapy.

Jörg Holkenbrink, University Bremen, Germany.
Director of the Center for Performance Studies and the Theater of Assembly between education, science and arts.

Michael Dörner, HKS Ottersberg
Michael Dörner studied Fine Arts at the University of Arts (HfbK) Hamburg. He got the grant from “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes”, the New York Foreign Grant of Studienstiftung and the Hamburg Artist Working Grant. He was honored with the Piepenbrock Young Talent Award '94 for sculpture and with the Edwin-Scharff Award of the City Hamburg. Since 2008 he is Professor for Fine Art at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Ottersberg. He is represented with sculptures and installations in public space and collections and his works have been showed in national and international one-man and group shows.

Neue Publikationen

Peter Sinapius (Hg) (2018): „Intermedialität und Performativität in den Künstlerischen Therapien“. Hamburg, Potsdam, Berlin: HPB University Press.

Rosemarie Tüpker / Harald Gruber  (Hrsg.) (2017):
 „Spezifisches und Unspezifisches in den Künstlerischen Therapien“. Hamburg, Potsdam, Berlin: HPB University Press.
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International Institute for Subjective Experience and Research (ISER)

ISER in Kooperation mit der
MSH Medical School Hamburg
Am Kaiserkai 1
20457 Hamburg
Tel.:     +49 (0)40 361226418
Fax:     +49 (0)40 361226430
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